Childbirth Classes

Childbirth is Transformational

After years of studio teaching, I realized a need to work with women, one on one. Through mindful movement, meditation and childbirth prep, my private yoga classes will prepare you for labor and birth. Email today to schedule a private 


Private Yoga

Childbirth Preparation

I host and teach a variety of public and private classes to expecting parents and mothers with their birth doula's. 


1/2 Day Labor and Birth Hypnosis - Prepare for birth by using the techniques of birth hypnosis. After 13 years of midwifery and childbirth, along with 20 years of mindfulness practice, I have created a program based on what works. This course will provide you with an opportunity to feel empowered by your very own birth story

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5 Week Hypnobirthing TM - I am a certified Hypnobirthing Educator and offer 5 week public courses


Mantra's for Labor and Birth -Labor and Birth is a powerful journey of transformation that women need the right tools to ride the waves. Mantra's and sound vibration is a time honored tool to enable you to connect with the divine energies of birthing. 

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Postpartum Support

The first 42 days following birth is a profound time in a new mothers life - a time of rebalancing and restoring physically and emotionally as you adapt to new motherhood. All mothers need support and a community to rely on. Although rarely discussed or planned for, the first 42 days following birth can lead to overwhelm and exhaustion for most new parents. Common issues include postpartum blues, hormonal overwhelm, lactation and breastfeeding interference, role changes, sleep deprivation, or just balancing this new life. Call today to disucss a postbaby plan that is right for you. Together, we can prepare you for this new role through the following:

*Ayurveda for the first 42 days

*Kundalini yoga and meditation

*Hormonal rebalancing 

*Lactation and breastfeeding support

*Diet and Lifestyle support

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